British Airways Changing Boarding and Baggage Rules


These days, it is rarely good news when an airline sends out a notice of changes.  The good news for me is that, although I often use British Airway Avios (miles) to book award tickets, those flights are rarely actually on British Airway flights.  As long as they don’t change the Avios booking on me, … Read More

Orbitz Apololgizes for Scranton Snafu with a 15% Off Code


  A lot of people with no plans of traveling to Scranton received a notification from Orbitz today informing them that their flight to AVP was delayed 45 minutes.  I wrote about it here. An hour later the apology came: While it looks like this promo was already in the works, it is still worth … Read More

The Quin Hotel – A Quintessential NYC Boutique Hotel

Photo May 14, 18 40 36

I don’t like clichés. Words such as curated and crafted irk me.  But I feel differently about the term boutique and boutique hotels, in particular.  When I think of a boutique hotel, I think of a hotel that portrays warmth and casual elegance without snooty attitude, where the rooms don’t all look the same, and … Read More