Video: Watch Burlesque Performer Magdalena Fox’s Marathon Act!


Glamorous,  Sexy, Theatrical, Creative and Funny! When is the last time you heard an introduction like this on a travel/running blog?   Magdalena Fox isn’t just a Burlesque Performer, she’s also a marathon runner!  This glamorous and talented vixen will be running the New York City Marathon on Sunday as a volunteer guide with an Achilles … Read More

#TBT 2012 – A Mileage Run, Hurricane Sandy, the Canceled 2012 NYC Marathon and RunAnyway


Note: this was originally published on November 6, 2012 under the title Hurricane Sandy and the 2012 NYC Marathon – Suppose They Canceled a Marathon and Everyone Ran?.  I reread it today and cried.  It is now 2 years since Hurricane Sandy and the 2014 NYC Marathon is this week.  It is a good time … Read More