Was BigCrumbs Hacked? Website Down – Investigating Possible Fraud Activity


Whenever I am making an online purchase, I check to see if there are any shopping portals which offer extra points or miles or cashback for the purchase.  The first place I generally check is EVRewards.  So, today, I looked there and saw that BigCrumbs offered 9% cashback on purchases at Gilt City and I … Read More

Bargain Prices for NYC Hotels Tonight

blizzard hotel

Those of us who live in the path of the predicted blizzard are bracing for this storm which has been described as “monster” “severe” and “historic.”  Frankly, this feels very apocalyptic.  I live in New York City and the news is dedicated to “severe weather alerts” with frequent mentions of threats of  “thundersnow” and “power … Read More

Delta Issues Northeast Winter Storm Advisory – New Orleans Trip UnLikely


Damn you Storm Iola.  Or Bless you Storm Iola.  Not sure which. Sometimes I overextend myself, especially with travel plans.  After returning from my AroundTheWorldIn8Days trip, I am supposed to go to New Orleans tomorrow to run the Rock n’ Roll New Orleans Marathon on Sunday.  Apart from the fact that I am hopelessly undertrained … Read More

Invitation: Reach For the Miles, NYC, January 29th


Is it really 2015 already?  Come join other frequent flyers, miles and points aficionados and avid travelers at our January meetup. Talk about where you’ve been and share where you’re going.   In my case, lament about the loss of airline status. It’s all good –  even if you’re new at this, don’t hesitate to … Read More