Hit Gold With These India Promos from Alaska/Emirates and Hyatt


I’m always obsessed with planning my next trip, and it is always a pleasure to find promotions that I actually qualify for!  Not one promotion, but two!  I hit gold! 1. AlaskaAir Earn up to Triple Miles and Save with Emirates Earn Triple Miles when you fly Emirates in First Class, or Double Miles when … Read More

Let’s Move this Puppy to AlaskaAir!


The Delta Claw!   In yesterday’s post, Delta Giveth and Claweth Away, I reported that on February 28th, Delta, in my final hours as a Platinum Medallion, upgraded my seat to First Class on an upcoming flight, only to claw back the upgrade a few hours later when March 1st rolled around and my status … Read More

Get Travel Vaccines Without Breaking the Bank


A few months ago, I booked a trip to India on what became known as the Emirates Mistake Fare.  JFK to Delhi for $226 is not shabby!  I knew I would be paying more for travel vaccinations then the flight, which is pretty mind-boggling if you ask me. It seemed inevitable that I would be … Read More