Tennis at Munich Airport [and Cool Video]!

Tennis im MAC

Did you get a chance to play tennis at Munich Airport this month?  There’s only one day left!  From April 1 – April 20, there were tennis courts set up for both children and adults to play tennis. Detailed information can be found in the Munich Airport Website. Here’s a pretty cool video!   The … Read More

Lounge Hopping: Prague Airport – Citigold and Ertse Premier Lounges

Photo Jan 12, 05 36 36

Day 5 (Around the World in 8 Days), Monday, January 12th: Prague, CZ to Amsterdam, NL I spent three nights at the Radisson Blue Alcron Hotel in Prague.  Monday morning, I made coffee using the Nespresso machine in my room.  The hotel bill was less than $100, since the first two nights were on Club … Read More

Simple But Brilliant Hotel Feature – Why Isn’t This at Every Hotel?


In today’s tech savvy world, one of the top issues for hotel guests is tech-related.  We want wi-fi! Constantly, we go in search of outlets to charge our gadgets.  Even the least techy (*Kathy raises her hand*) wants accessible electrical outlets – preferably at a desk AND ALSO next to the bed. For me, it is … Read More