Cuckoo For Jogging Maps: Cancun Westin Resort & Spa


I visited Cancun in September and stayed at the Westin Resort and Spa.   See my review of the hotel and fitness center HERE. If I exited the hotel and went to the right, it was impossible to run.  There was a lot of traffic, the sidewalks, if any, were not level and there was no shoulder … Read More

Hotel and Fitness Center Review – Westin Resort and Spa, Cancun

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I was recently in Cancun, Mexico to attend a conference for travel bloggers called TBEX.  The host hotel, and location for the seminars was an all-inclusive hotel called Moon Palace.  I chose instead to stay at the Westin Resort and Spa in Cancun. In some ways, the Westin was a good choice, in other ways … Read More

Radisson Blu and Strava Partner for Fabulous Running and Cycling Routes!! #BluRoutes #CuckooForJoggingMaps


I am so excited.  As you know (or should know) Will Run For Miles regularly features hotel jogging maps, and gets peculiarly excited about this!  The headline is Cuckoo For Jogging Maps and I am thrilled to report that Radisson Blu has gone fabulously Cuckoo partnering with Strava to introduce Blu Routes! This is beyond great! … Read More

[Guest Blog Post] This Charity Turns Black Friday into Track Friday: A Day Focused on Community, Philanthropy and Health


When a community gets together, charity happens. Track Friday was conceived by Eric Rubinson, a New Jersey resident, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Eager to help his damaged community, he pledged to run 26 miles around a local track the day after Thanksgiving if the goal amount was raised – the money was raised and he ran and others have joined him.