Get Travel Vaccines Without Breaking the Bank


A few months ago, I booked a trip to India on what became known as the Emirates Mistake Fare.  JFK to Delhi for $226 is not shabby!  I knew I would be paying more for travel vaccinations then the flight, which is pretty mind-boggling if you ask me. It seemed inevitable that I would be … Read More

Kyoto Marathon 2014 & Original Buff Giveaway

Open Door Policy!

I spent 4 days in Kyoto, and 6 days in Tokyo.  It was so special, I think that I was overwhelmed, that I didn’t know where to start writing or describing everything I saw and felt.  I wrote so many blog posts in my mind, but somehow never actually put pen to paper. The highlight … Read More

$20 For Using Carpool App – Tripda


Tripda is an international ride-sharing program for long-distance travel, connecting drivers with empty seats and passengers who need a ride, described as “a marketplace connecting drivers and passengers in a simple, fun and convenient way!” Log in to Tripda via Facebook, and request or offer a ride.  It sounds rather simple.  While I have some … Read More

Keep HHonors Points from Expiring by Setting Up New Password – and get 1,000 Points!

Hilton brand logo

Glancing through Boarding Area this morning, I saw two posts, one by Brian at the Gate, and another by Ric at Loyalty Traveler, announcing that you can get 1,000 Hilton Honors points by changing your login to a non-pin password.  Neither post gave a link to an official Hilton source, so I went looking for … Read More

Mastercard Promo: $75 Gift Cards to PER SE or Other Restaurants at Time Warner Center

Whether you are a New Yorker, or a tourist, you should visit the Shops at Columbus Circle located at Time Warner Center: (1) First, the place is fabulous -from the Whole Food Store in the basement, to Williams and Sonoma, Hugo Boss, Coach, Tumi and the New York Running Co (just to name a few), … Read More

13 Stages of a Mistake Fare by Hans Golden


I saw this post on Flyertalk, by Hans Golden, and loved it.  With his permission, and my gratitude, I am republishing it here.  Enjoy! Ahhhh….the emotional phases of a legitimate* mistake fare. 1. Discovery – mistake fare is posted on FT. Novices frantically check how much vacation time they have and if the dates of … Read More