The Elusive Marathon #110 (But I’m stoked to visit Luxembourg!)


Anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy running, and running marathons, in particular.  Full marathons.  26 miles. 42 kilometers.  Not halves, or  10Ks.   But recently, I’ve been cancelling marathons I’ve registered for, or – worse – switching to the half marathon race.  HEAVENS.  (Please, this is not meant to insult the people who … Read More

Pictures of the Second Avenue Subway!


It seems like forever that Second Avenue in NYC has been under construction. Well, the other day, as I was walking past 83 rd Street and Second Avenue, apparently a future exit for the someday 86th Street stop of the someday Second Avenue extension of the Q train, I saw these pictorial renderings of the … Read More

HR Block Emerald Card Suspends Debit Card Funding


I received notification by email today from H&R Block informing me that they were suspending Debit Card Funding for H&R Block Emerald Prepaid MasterCard®.   Honestly, I haven’t used that card since the days of Vanilla and GreenDot Reloads so many moons ago.  I’m honestly not surprised: this card was originally intended for H&R Block … Read More

Exhibition of Indian Portraits Portrays Messages and Emotions

Photo May 19, 18 57 13

This week, I had the honor of attending a photography exhibition entitled IN SHIVA’S SHADOWS at the Infinito Studio-Gallery at 79 Leonard Street in TriBeCa, NYC.  The photographer Raphael Rapior is 27-years old and from Germany.   Rapior uses black & white photographs, on larger-than-life 6′ x 10′ canvasses to portray the expressions of the dwellers he met while traveling through India. His … Read More