Orbitz Apololgizes for Scranton Snafu with a 15% Off Code


  A lot of people with no plans of traveling to Scranton received a notification from Orbitz today informing them that their flight to AVP was delayed 45 minutes.  I wrote about it here. An hour later the apology came: While it looks like this promo was already in the works, it is still worth … Read More

The Quin Hotel – A Quintessential NYC Boutique Hotel

Photo May 14, 18 40 36

I don’t like clichés. Words such as curated and crafted irk me.  But I feel differently about the term boutique and boutique hotels, in particular.  When I think of a boutique hotel, I think of a hotel that portrays warmth and casual elegance without snooty attitude, where the rooms don’t all look the same, and … Read More

Hurry! Some New Amex Offers! Back to School!


There are some new Amex offers, many that just began today.  I’ll call them Back to School offers (though I know how many of you hate that term in July) as they all expire in August or September. These offers typically disappear off the shelves pretty quickly, so I’d suggest signing up for the ones … Read More