Amazon Associates Prohibits Advertising on Websites Directed at Kids


I received an interesting email from Amazon Associates, dealing with advertising on websites directed at children.  Websites directed at children under 13 may not display Amazon Associates links and advertising. Advertisers must declare that their websites are not directed at children under 13.  Failing to make such a declaration will result initially in withholding of … Read More

Stay Fit when Traveling: Skype with Your Trainer!


We all know the famous saying, if Mohammed won’t come to the mountain, the mountain will come to Mohammed.  Well, what if you’re traveling, and want to stay in touch with your trainer or instructor, but don’t actually want to bring him/her with you? When it comes to Pilates, Tom Dessereau, owner of Form, Fitness & Function and … Read More

WINGMEN – New Documentary – Wingsuits Around the World


A few years ago, I watched my first Wingsuit youtube – I was mesmerized by men soaring through the air as if they were themselves planes.  I couldn’t believe it. I had to watch it again and again gaping in fascination.  Others I know have had similar reactions to this extreme sport. Three of the … Read More

My Retention Offers from Citibank


Annual fees have just hit my account for two Citibank credit cards: the Platinum American Airlines Visa and the Thank You Premier Mastercard. The fee on each card is $95.  I’ve called Citibank a few times, and here are the results: The Platinum AA Visa: In prior years, I always received some offer, be it … Read More

NYC – Taste of the Terminal Event – Grand Central – Wednesdays in July


New York City is a fun place to visit or live in the summertime. There are always concerts in parks, street fairs and other special events, and many of them are free.  Grand Central Station has amazing events year round – whether it’s Christmas or July. Well, it’s July, and it’s Wednesday, so it is … Read More

12-5 Today: Free Starbucks Iced Coffee Delivered by Lyft


Today, June 30, Lyft  has teamed up with Starbucks and Flavorpill to give the ultimate afternoon uplift: free Starbucks, delivered. Get a free pack of Bottled Starbucks® Iced Coffee on-demand in select cities (LA, San Francisco, NYC, Boston and San Diego), while supplies last. Open the Lyft app (download from iTunes or Android) Select ‘SBUX mode’ above … Read More