$10 Credit from Evolve for Taking Survey

Evolve Money apparently noticed that I haven’t been coming around very much recently, and feared it was losing my love. They sent me an email asking me to complete a survey, for which I would receive a $10 credit.  My curiosity was piqued.


The survey was quick and easy and the questions were relevant.  When I was asked why I hadn’t been using Evolve Money recently, the answer I gave was that not many of my service providers participate with Evolve Money.  Likewise, when asked “Are there any features we could add that would persuade you to switch to Evolve Money as your typical method of bill payment for a particular bill or bills?”  I ticked “ability to pay with a credit card” and “ability to pay anyone” as my primary answers.

I particularly liked this message near the end of the survey:

Get a $50 Amazon gift certificate to participate in a phone survey! Provide your contact information below if you would like to participate.   

I hit submit, and then this image came up on the screen:

evolvesurvey2 Did anyone else receive this email and survey?




  1. Jesse says

    I unfortunately did not receive this offer, but looking around the Evolve site, I see that Discover is one of their partners. Any idea what that means?

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