Trip Report: Charlotte, North Carolina

Earlier this month, I went to Charlotte, North Carolina with Won’t Run.  It was my third trip to North Carolina, and my second trip to Charlotte, this year, so we decided not to stay downtown and not to go to all of the traditional sites.  We rented a car and did some exploring.

We had fun over the weekend.  We stiffed ourselves on lots of BBQ:

Photo Jul 12, 10 22 16 PM

Photo Jul 11, 9 31 57 PM


Photo Jul 12, 9 42 22 PM

We walked around downtown Charlotte – Won’t Run had read about this shop where they made the best coffee in the world.  I don’t know if it was the best, but it was certainly the strongest coffee I’ve had in a long time.  Can you say Buzzzzzz?

Photo Jul 11, 1 53 20 PM

Photo Jul 11, 1 53 25 PM

We walked around Freedom Park:

Photo Jul 11, 3 13 57 PM

Photo Jul 11, 3 06 25 PM

Photo Jul 11, 3 02 23 PM

We  also visited the home where President James K. Polk was born!

Photo Jul 12, 3 17 27 PM

Photo Jul 12, 3 32 26 PM

Photo Jul 12, 3 14 11 PM

This was a flea market we found – it was fun, but I’ve never seen so much junk in one big room!

Photo Jul 12, 1 30 50 PM

This was the sunrise I saw on Monday morning as we were heading to the airport to catch a flight to Savannah:

Photo Jul 12, 6 41 37 AM

and a bit of plane spotting at the airport:

Photo Jul 11, 7 36 07 AM

And now a photo of Won’t Run after drinking really strong coffee!


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